Saturday, July 24, 2010


So its only been 3 months. FINE "three and a half" months. BACK OFF.

First and foremost, I am sorry. I know I am a typical blogger. Do it religiously for a few months and then just quit. Well I'm back. 

Some big changes in my life since I posted last.

1. After six long, expensive, but fun years, I have something to show for it. I have accomplished a degree in music from Oregon State University. I finished my final classes on Thursday of last week. 
This is a HUGE accomplishment for me, and I wouldn't have done it with a lot of help. SO I have some people to thank. (you might want to skip my sentiment and go to 2)

Mom and Dad - I love you and thank you for the "love" (a.k.a. money) you have given me these last 6 years!!!

Now I have to reach way back into the past. 

Adam, Chris and Pete - I will always remember the times we shared. Winco runs every night, hookahs, video games, family guy, 24, parties, and our last night out. Thank you for making Cascade feel like home. Travis and Tristen - we had fun. 

Allison - I am proud to have been your MAN of honor. and I miss you dearly.

Dayna - I wouldn't be the man, or husband, I am today with out your friendship. 

Kent - Thanks for making me go to OSU. Even if you abandoned me with no friends. Don't worry, I did just fine.

Gregg - Thank you for everything. God has blessed me with our friendship. Thank you.

Nickoli - I love you bro. Give NYC some hell. 

There are so many others! Jeremiah - Your head is on fire. 

I most of all. Thank you, Vanessa. My love. My life. Everything I have is you. I praise the Lord for sending you into my life. Thanks for your patience. 

Ok thanks for sticking through that. 

2. We have moved. My wife and I have moved to Salem and I tell you what, it has been great!  The man we live with has been very gracious. We live on 8 acres with 5 cows, an apple orchard, a marionberry vineyard, and lots more! 

3. I am attending Corban University so that I may receive my teaching license. 

Wow I have so much more to say. I guess it will have to wait until another time. Life is crazy! But God is good!