Monday, August 16, 2010

Silver Falls

I took the family to Silver Falls State Park today. It was great. There was only one problem; there is very few trails that allowed the dogs to walk. But, all in all, it turned out to be a fun trip. 

We walked to Upper North Falls. Once we got there, we were shocked at the natural beauty. I couldn't believe how deep the water in the pool was (not that I was brave enough to jump in).  Then we let the kids off the leash and they took a swim, chasing after pieces of wood. I got to spend awhile just sitting back and enjoying life while being sheltered from the summer heat by the mist of the waterfall and walls of the canyon. 

It was another day spent amazed by God's beauty. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazing beauty

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go fly fishing, so I took it. My buddy and I went to the upper Calapooia just south of sweet home. It was gorgeous! The beauty of God's earth just blows me away. I thanked every tree I walked by for the role it plays. I was constantly reminded by the pristine beauty of how fragile this little stream was. All of my senses were elevated due to the fact that we may or may not have been beyond a Weyerhouser gate that may or may not have said "no Trespassing". It was so peaceful out there with no other fishermen out there. and there is nothing like watching a fish come up to eat your fly. 

Today I took a yard working job and it taught me a couple of things, very important things! 
1. I am pursuing the right career. - in no way does landscaping, or yard keeping entice me.
2. We have really messed up God's world. I was reminded how stupid we are when it comes to introducing alien species. I was given the task of weed-wacking ivy and blackberries. It brakes my heart to see these species destroying the native habitat. 

One last thing. If you happened to have received a resume from me, and are checking me out online...  Go ahead. Then Hire me :-)