Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some free writes from this last weekend

Day 1 9-18

I’m in Sisters Oregon. A fun little town that thrives on tourists spending their money on the little independently owned shops. The shops crowd the main strip running through the town. They are so aggressively trying to get people to stop that they appear to be preparing for an assault on the people who do not stop, but choose to pass through and head on to their destination.


I’m tired. I am very tired. It is 6:20 am I have been out of bed since 5:30 and I have been awake since 5:00. My alarm to wake me, the one I set grudgingly at 11:30 last night, is set to wake me up at 7:00. Yes 7. To start my explanation of why I was awake 2 hours before my alarm is to wake me up, I must tell you that after setting my alarm at 11:30 already very tired from the week – it was Friday after all – I was assaulted for 30+ minutes by a snoring that could have moved the Richter Scale on the side of the north Sister. In case you don’t understand, the north Sister is apart of the 3 Sisters. A group of active Volcanoes ten mile to the south of the town of Sisters – hence the name of this pleasant little place.


The food at this little place is a little expensive. So I order some homemade biscuits and a side order of bacon. It just arrived and I must attend to this beautiful, healthy, elegant, I would keep going but I am hungry. That was amazing. A good start to my day.


MY DAY, I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAY!!!! Not the day I have had, but the day I am planning for today. So I have a break from my music dept. retreat this afternoon. SOOOO guess what??? I brought my fly rod! I, Shayne Flock on this day the 18 of September in the year of our Lord 2010 will fish the great Metolius River. Yes! ME! I am going to take on the toughest fly-fishing-only river in OR. I spent a fortune on flies yesterday, talked to all the pros I know of and have already scouted Camp Sherman. I a certain that I will prevail. BUT you must understand that on the Metolius if you catch 4 fish you have had a banner day. So I am shooting for 3. I hope to shoot some video today also, on my cell phone. Well it’s already 10 til seven – I am going to go watch the sunrise.



Day 2 night of 9-18

Well if I could describe what just happened at the church I would quit school and just be a writer. But there is no way that I could accurately describe the scene that just occurred. All I can say is it is what happens when you put 100 + Christian musicians together who have not had enough sleep and were over worked on a Saturday. I is important to mention that they were Christians because I have experienced first hand what non-christian do in these circumstances, and believe me, it looks nothing like what just happened.

I will write a follow up tonight or tomorrow. Just wanted you to have something to read.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

It's funny how God tries so hard to rip you off your own two feet, and when He has balancing on one foot on the side of the cliff, your head looking strait down at the waves thrashing below, one leg strait out the other way, desperately trying not to fall and knowing it would only take a slight breeze to finish you, He still waits for your approval. He says, "Just let go. You won't fall. You will fly." And that grabs your attention away from the waves. You really want to trust Him. He has never let you down before. Everything inside you cries out to your rescuer. 

So you say, "OK." and right then, when you are smiling, fully faithful to His words, tired of trying to control your own situation... you look down. You see yourself falling in slow-motion. It's just like the movies - you never see yourself tumbling over as you fall to your death like it is in reality - you see yourself falling face up, looking back at yourself, crying out, "Why?! How in the world did you think that was a good decision?" And right before you see yourself hit the jagged rocks, you squint. Your stay closed long enough to realize your still on top of the cliff, and that is all it takes to bring you back to square one. Balancing on one foot, one leg in the air and face looking at your demise. 

But after all that, God is still there. Just asking you to fly with Him. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Here I am ...... again.

I am sitting in a library on a college campus. Although it is a different library on a different campus, it feels organic - like home. That bothers me. I am sick of feeling home on a college campus! I want to have a real home!!! I want to come home from a day of work and walk through my own front door and into my real home to my real wife, kiss her, and have her say, "welcome home, babe!" but no. I am on the 2nd floor of a library looking through the window at the trees and the green grass and the people passing by - the same thing I have done for the last 6 years on 3 different campuses. And yet, part of me is excited to start this next leg of my college adventure. I am ready to learn, grow, and be prepared for my next life. But then I leave this place, go to my temporary home and watch my wife come home from a long days work and then have the realization that I am starting my 7th year of school and I have been doing this WAY TO FRIGGIN' LONG! 

God, I pray that you help me finish strong and quickly. I owe it to my overworked, over-stressed, wife. 

On a brighter note, My father came up this last weekend. We spent two days fishing. He only caught one, I caught 6. HAHA. BUT he told me that fishing with me was a lot better then being a principal for those two days! It was a blast. I miss our times of fishing together - they happen way to infrequently nowadays.